YEAh..its TIme FOr sTudiess week..

huhu..akhirnya hectic day finihed already..oppzz!

minggu nie minggu apa kawan2??

..itz time too party..hurghh lambat pulak nak download picture orang berparti..sat naa..

images taa…itu pun..hurm..kalau lah study nie seindah party..hah..jangan nak dok pikiaq party lain tau..memang minggu ni study week..maknanyerr kene study lah..lepaz ni nak menhgadap paper final..


rasa berdebar pulak tetiba…mana tak nyer…nak study banyak kotz!!download

hehe..nape ada kopi tu??ala..nama pun student..ambil2 study, kita minum2 lah..hehe..bukan apa,tak mau bagi seterezzz…kalau seterezz,nanti apa pun tak masuk..


apa2 pun,shaerarah nak ucap images (1) to all my friend yang akan berdepan dengan paper final..i hope everything will be ease by Allah..inshaAllah..


tata for now..



ShaERaRaH Back AGAin..

4StiLL REmemBer Me? FoR THiS PoSt I WiLL ShaRE AboUT “CSC SUBJECT”..

eurm..what is CSC ??

leTS ME tell you about the csc in general..

as part 4 student that take DIS, CSC is one of the course that must the student take..

THEN what is DIS??

as i mentioned before, we are DIPLOMA IN SCIENCE, DIS  is the short form for diploma in science..6

okay..its quite interesting in learning CSC..we learned a lot about the computer..the program provided inside it..neiwh..doesn’t it heared interesting??


im suggesting u all to search about the CSC at UITM..

ewh, madame nie..

orang lagi membuak2 nak share..dia suruh keluar..

hehe..hye madame LILY MARLIA..

eurm..i think we not having enough time..i will continue this nite…






Hello Assalamuaikkum everyone welcome to my part of life. My name is Nur Afiqah binti Rahmat . I just glad because my parents give me this name , i just grateful to get this name i just realized this name show everything about me . This name show about myself my behaviours and so on . Then , i came from Malacca The Historical City . I’m just 100 percent pure Malacca . I just proud to be RESIDENTS of Malacca . I was born at Malacca too . Then i started get my education in kindergarten . After that i countinue my study in primary school , secondary school until i graduate from secondary school . My secondary school year is fully with  challenge , exhaustion , joy , happiness and most important is fully with memories . Secondary school year teach me a lot of things . Secondary year teach me about friendship , more specific is teach me how to choose friends , how to adapt with new friends . After that , secondary school also teach about competition . For me competition in many things . Competition to get good grade during examination , competition to finish homewrok , competition about journey during secondary school . Secondary school also teach me about respect . For me if we want someone to rescept us , we need to show rescept to them firstly . I’m ensure they will rescept you back . Now , i in university year . I admit university year is not the easy year that i been through . University year is very hard , fully is hardship . HAHAHA . First things that i learn when i in university is , they teach me how to independent . For me , not forever people will be with you to face anything . That why sometimes we need to be independent . Then , university year of course you will adapt with new environment , new friends , you like meet the new things in your life . It so hard you need to separate from your parents during university year. It really hard but i already accept the truth HAHAHA . Okey i think it just enough about me . I hope you enjoy to read my life .                   

                                                       images (6) 

1 OF ThE ” de’ 4″…

Assalamualaikum to all the readers..haha..(actually the reader is our madame).
1      Ok..

what to tell?

oh my..every one are excited in doing their blog.. and i lost in my own world..kihkih..AHH!! somebody…please give me an idea.. ’tilik-tilik’ my madame.. who knows she can be my inspiration..


lets begin to know about given is Noor Shaerah Hazni..(hye,nice to know you..)i am sure my member already introduce their self..why we named our blog as “de’ 4” because we are 4 in the i mentioned before, the purpose we are doing this blog are to share how interesting in learning CSC subject..okay, i will share more about CSC later ok..on the next post by me..

please do not stuck your idea my dear smartest gorgeous brain..hehe..

“oh my!!”

Im trying to put myself on the basket..(angkat bakul sendiri..haha..)

oh!oh! my handphone ringing!!2

i will back soon okay..

Olla dear..let chit chat back..

ops!im forget to tell about my age..actually our age..we are 20 years old..not so 20 actually..ehe..because my birthday was on the october..we are in part 4 AppLieD SCiEnCe DipLOma.. for me, its quite weird when science student taking a computer subject.. like “hurghh??”

okay..i think till here im sharing about myself..


see you in the next post..


shaerarah..haha..actually shaerah..




     What’s i learn from the subject computer science ? before i take this subject , i always think , im was applied science student and why i must take this subject for this semester ? unbelievable ! its so weird ! then when i learn this subject with madame lily , this subject actually was interesting we learn how to make power point ,excel, we learn to make the slides and this blog also our last project .. i love it because we can tell everything about studies and include our life plus our madame is so funny … 

Our lecturer always said , why we must learn this kind subject ? because we want to applied this kind method or technology in our life so we can create document or our assignment more easier and save a lot of time .. such as we learn to make slides , so we can make our presentation more interesting .. So , computer science , quiet interesting right ?? hihihi.. sorry for my bad english ..  





Hello , it’s Husna again , ^ ^

I’ve read from someone before , @arlinabanana , someone that love to give motivation to other people , she said..

What is your purpose of life ? What do you want in life ? What values matter the most to you ?What sort of person do you want to be ? What do you want to contribute to the world? What is your talent ? Who do you love ? When are you ready to challenge yourself ? yeah .. the questions never end ..

The things that i also think is, in our live there are a lot things we want to do and will always discover something new about ourselves . Sometimes its a good trait , something its really bad .. we are not meant to be perfect in our life .. but please don’t say .. “I GIVE UP”..Yeah it’s also motivate myself since we going to have final exam … only one week left .. im struggle to have perfect score in final .. but i think i have a lot of thing to learn .. a lot of thing to catch up .. but i will never give up .. Fighting everyone _Admin HUSNA_




To begin with, my name is Najmi Parapat bin Muhammad Tamin. Born at Selangor. Didn’t want to mention since you probably don’t care much about it. Personally I love reading, which is the only gateaway for me to entertain my never-ending imagination, playing football games and a die hard Liverpool FC fans (2005-present).

About computer sciences, generally, it is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application.


this is me. hello everyone!